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The mission of The Garden of Harmony and Peace is to teach the meaning of life through the lens of Nature, Landscape, and Symbolism.        


Mother Nature in her raw beauty, is the ultimate teacher. Through the Garden's unique landscape, she reconnects families, children and adults to their primordial roots.


The Garden of Harmony and Peace is filled with symbolic messages and seeds from which a profound dialogue can be initiated.


Every spot in The Garden is a podium for learning, a site for meditation, where thoughts can be interpreted in ways that bring light and new meaning to the ancient teachings and spiritual schools of thought.


A journey through The Garden becomes a path towards personal transformation and awareness.

Board of Directors:


  • Kiumars Bakshandeh, M.D.

  • Carmel Levy

  • Haleh Bakshandeh, M.D.

Advisory Board:


Lord David Alliance CBE

Stanley Black

Sato and Shully Birsham

Tom Campbell

Albert DaCosta Sochin

Oded Kenan

Kamran Khavarani

Mona Golabek

Kay Lachini

Carmel Levy

David Limburger

Laura and David Merrage

Fraydun Manocherian

Madeline and Fraydun Mosannen

Kirk mckinney

Isaac Moradi

Gilla Nissan

Haleh and Arash Nowain

Marguerite and Aldo Scomazzon

Candee Sorensen

Hamid Soroudi

Rubin Turner

David Yodegar

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