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The advancement in technology has a great impact on humanity, especially on our younger generation, both in a positive and negative way.


For many the bedtime stories and reading books are replaced by watching television, playing video games and other electronic gadgets. Instead of empowering their mind and stimulating the level of their imaginations, they become passive observers of imaginative products of others.


For our young generation, any information is at their fingertips. To them it is not necessary to retain any of that information so easily procured in a moment’s notice on the Internet. Although they sense that information is power, they treat information as a disposable item and discard it instead of storing it in their developing mind for future use.


The Garden of Harmony and Peace provides a unique opportunity to this young generation to walk through a natural landscape of biblical period, presented in the universal language of symbolism. Instead of being preoccupied with electronic gadgets, in isolation and having the illusion of reality, they actively experience outdoors and nature and process it through their own senses in a very unique fashion.


The Garden gives them a chance to ask questions and express themselves and engage in constructive dialogue with others.


The Garden intrigues and stimulates their minds and invokes the power of their imagination. It shapes their perception of reality and provides the realization that they are an important part of the nature, not only as an observer, but also as an active participant.


The participation in this manner will lead the young generation to a new understanding of their surroundings, developing new concepts and this leads to new discoveries that are hidden to the average person.


Through this natural and symbolic landscape, the biblical stories come to life. Symbolic interpretation of biblical stories will enable the next generation to become more familiar with their own character and personality and recognize their own special capability and unique missions in life.


Kiumars Bakshandeh, M.D.

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